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Business Partners

Business Partnerships

The Essence of Excellence At Global Oil Resources Services LLC, we are firm believers in the power of collaboration and strategic alliances. Our esteemed network of business partners bolsters our capacity to provide outstanding fuel bunkering services and solutions to our clients. These partnerships reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation within the Marine fuel Companies sector.

Our Strategic Partners

Shiny Shipping & Logistics Private Limited

We are excited to announce a pivotal partnership with Shiny Shipping & Logistics Private Ltd, a leading entity in Indian barge ownership. This alliance is specifically designed to bolster our logistics in bunker trading and supply, ensuring our operations are seamless and our services are dependable.

Tresta International FZE

Our strategic partnership with Tresta International Fze positions us as a formidable presence in the international market. This collaboration aims to amplify the marketing of our bunkering services in Oman on a global scale, enhancing our maritime industry footprint. At Global Oil Resources Services LLC, we believe that partnerships are the catalysts of progress, and this collaboration with Tresta International Fze is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier fuel bunkering services.

Meraki Shipping DMCC

We are proud to have an exclusive partnership with Meraki Shipping DMCC, a renowned name in the maritime industry. This strategic collaboration enables us to adeptly identify and charter vessels that perfectly meet the needs of our dynamic cargo and fuel bunkering services. At Global Oil Resources Services LLC, we view strategic alliances as the drivers of innovation and success, and our partnership with Meraki Shipping DMCC is indicative of our dedication to raising the bar in maritime and trading service standards.